Brandon & Erica Buchannon // 10.8.16


Texas Hill Country Wedding

Brandon + Erica Buchannon // Established October 8, 2016

Venue: Sparkles and Spurs in Brownwood, Texas
First Dance: Head Over Boots by Jon Parody
Photography: Marshal McIntosh Photography
Band: Yellow LedBETTER

How Brandon & Erica Met: Playing Co-ED Softball

Activity Couple Does together: Doing projects Together such as the Wooden Signs, And lOVE DANCING. 

Funny/Memorable Moment from the Bride on day of Wedding: When I was walking down the ISLE, all i could focus on was the gum Brandon was frantically chewing on. When I got Close enough, I said (through my teeth), "I can't Believe your chewing gum right now!" And to think HE EVEN kissed me with that gum in his mouth. 


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