Making Room

Brownwood Community Church // Easter 2019

I have to admit, I am not sure the last time I photographed an event, or something of interest on my own accord - especially without being asked.

In 2019, (along with a full 2 page list of goals, ask my lifegroup - I am great at setting goals) I am working on “making room”. Making room for the everyday life, biblical hospitality, less really meaning more, and refining what I do. Making room - is being available for friends, coworkers, and not filling a schedule for the sake of being “busy”. (Disclaimer: I love maxing out my life, and rationalizing it for the sake of efficiency, and doing good works, achieving, you name it. Guilty in every aspect)

“Growth is stifled when we stiff-arm people out of our lives. By making room for others, we welcome and cultivate shared and mutual growth.”

Photography I have always considered as a gift, a talent, but honestly more along the fact of a side business most times. When was the last time I made room in life to photograph something I wanted to, or something I self initiated? Not to discredit my iPhone, but actually grabbing the “real camera” to document and capture from my own perspective…Easter Sunday at Brownwood Community Church was the perfect time to make room. (scroll down to skip to the visuals, and pretty pictures)

Making room is the beautiful picture of being present, allowing time for grace to dive deeper, and being available for others.

I want to challenge you, to make room. Welcome the opportunities, that are given to you when you are available and present in the lives of others.

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” - Romans 15:7

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I made room and captured our Easter Sunday, held at the Brownwood Lyric Theatre in Downtown.

Marshal McIntosh